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I went from one vet to another trying to solve my dog’s skin condition. I tried hundreds of lotions and potions and shampoos and nothing seemed to work long term and I wasn’t prepared to put my dog on drugs.
Dr Wilson had her skin sorted within a couple of weeks, just through some dietary changes and the skin condition never came back – EVER. It was unbelievable.
Even after he moved away, he was still a huge help through my dog’s final months and keeping her in good condition. Although she was old and frail, she ate and still went on small walks until she passed, peacefully at home. It was all I could have wished for her – to die in peace at home, but most importantly to not be in pain. Dr Wilson made both possible and for that I will be forever grateful.

Nicky Goebel , Adelaide
My Momo (a Yorkshire Terrier was 2.5 months old at the time it was treated by Dr. Wilson) was diagnosed with distemper a week after I bought him from a local pet shop in Hong Kong.  The initial diagnoses from my local vet was upper respiratory tract infection and possible distemper.  He underwent a series of antibiotics and conventional medicine for a week and then one day I found my yorkie swaying from side to side and had jerking movements in his legs and face.  The local vet said he had distemper and had already started affecting his nervous system and there would be no treatment for him and said if it got worse, will have to put him down.  I was terribly upset as there was no hope in treating my puppy.
I started searching for hopes on the internet in the hope of finding a treatment for my dear puppy and I’d learnt that Holistic medicine may be able treat distemper more successfully than conventional medicine. Unfortunately there were no holistic vets here in Hong Kong and I finally managed to find Dr Wilson on the Internet. 
My puppy had already got better after 2 weeks of treatment with Dr. Wilson and after 2 months of holistic medicine treatment, he is now almost completely recovered.  There may be still very minor occasional twitches but he is almost normal and healthy as any other puppy.
Dr Wilson is marvelous in his treatments and is a very responsible doctor.  I would very much recommend for anyone who needs help with their pet.  I would very much like to thank him for all that he’s done for my puppy.
Best regards
Ellie Wong, Hong Kong
Heartfelt thanks to Dr Wilson and the Holistic Vet Online team. I was unable to locate an alternative veterinarian in my area. I made an appointment with Dr Wilson and he got me sorted on the right diet to feed my cat with kidney problems.  He sent a remedy that arrived in only a few days. It has helped George and he is now back to normal.
Thankyou!   Bessy Owen, Chicago, Illinois
My dog had severe cancer and Dr Wilson treated it using homeopathy. It got smaller and Amy had 18 months of quality life. She did not suffer and there was no other treatment for her.
Sam Page.   Armadale, NSW
We sincerely thank Dr Wilson who has been assisting us with the treatment of our 10 year Scottish Terrier. Merlin had a nasty reoccurring skin problem when we approached Dr Wilson for his advice and assistance. He was on antibiotics continuously for approximately 12 months for staphylococcus, prior to starting the homeopathic drops and diet and skin care recommended by Dr Wilson. The antibiotics would clear the problem, but unfortunately it would return within days of stopping the tablets and a longer course would then be required. The lesions would spread quickly, causing him to scratch and be extremely uncomfortable. Due to his condition he was drinking excessively and urinating frequently. We were concerned as it became apparent we would have to continue with the antibiotics indefinitely. We therefore contacted Dr Wilson who had helped our female Scotty 'Maggie' several years ago with holistic treatment when he was practicing in Adelaide.
Merlin's underlying and skin problem was severe and so we initially continued the antibiotics whilst using the homeopathics and suggested diet. The duration of antibiotics then became less and less over a period of 3 months. It has now been over 2 months since he has required the tablets and his skin is still clear. Prior to the treatment he has undergone with Dr Wilson, it would only be clear for a few days before we noticed new lesions. The holistic approach to helping Merlin has cleansed his system and returned it to a more normal state. He had major surgery approximately 2 years ago and may have contracted the staph following the operation due to a low immune system, however we are unsure. We continue to use some homeopathics at present and ensure he remains on a healthy diet to sustain his immune system and overall health.
We can highly recommend the treatment that Dr Wilson offers, as the results for both our Scotties are testament to his work. It is evident during any consultation with Dr Wilson that he has extensive and profound knowledge and is truly dedicated to helping animals. The continued improvement we have seen with Merlin has highlighted to us the effectiveness of all his recommendations. We were so pleased to have discovered that he provides an online vet service as we would not have been able to gain this valuable assistance for Merlin otherwise. Again, we are so appreciative and we are certain Merlin is too. He now enjoys a much better quality of life.
Susan & Gavin Hughes
Adelaide, Australia
I had a feral mother cat deliver a litter of kittens in my yard. I could not build trust with the mother, but I could gain the trust of the kittens. After the mother abandoned them, I adopted them, three females and one male. They were all diagnosed with feline leukemia and conventional veterinary science could offer nothing for them. I lost two before they were a year old to this disease. I contacted Douglas when Sable started to go down hill and discussed her symptoms, what the conventional vet had said and very quickly I received the remedies Douglas suggested. I started treating Sable, who was refusing all food and fluid at that time. As she began to recover Pippin began to decline. I commenced treating Pippin and contacted Douglas again. Another remedy was added for Pippin.

My cats are now so healthy and active my husband is convinced the remedies hype them up. They have regained all the weight they lost and are back to being their fit and healthy selves. Feline leukemia causes a rapid decline. Swift action on behalf of Douglas Wilson saved my cats. There was nothing offered by conventional veterinary practice other than euthanasia.

I cannot thank Douglas enough.

Paula Fletcher

Lock, South Australia

I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Dr Doug, his thoughtful wisdom and his gently powerful treatments.

2 years of conventional veterinary treatments and advice had failed, and my Fleur was a very unwell cat. She had little energy and slept up to 23 hours a day; she had no muscle tone and was quite weak; she had an allergy that was driving us both crazy with her constant scratching and the horrible scabs that it produced.  Living in a rural area, my choice of local Vets was limited. So when I found Dr Doug I was hopeful,  and relieved to have a different, more gentle  and holistic treatment option.

Within 10 days of Fleur starting Dr Doug’s Homeopathic drops, there was a noticeable improvement.  Her healing has been steady and fairly consistent with each new course of drops. Now, 7 months later, Fleur  is bright-eyed, strong, healthy and interested in life again.

I thank Dr Doug with all my heart for giving me back my best buddy, and for helping Fleur to enjoy every day.

JR,  NSW, Australia for Fleur

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