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Please note that some countries/states prohibit veterinarians from treating animals unless they are registered in that particular region. If this applies to your country/state, then the HolisticVetOnline can advise you as an animal consultant, but not as a veterinarian.

A full physical examination is required for accurate diagnosis and treatment. This is not possible with telephone consultations or on-line communications. Consequently, the HolisticVetOnline recommends that all patients should be examined by a veterinarian before an appointment is made. Details of the examination and a full history should be forwarded to the HolisticVetOnline prior to the consultation time.

Please note that HolisticVetOnline does not accept responsibility for the non-delivery of any items supplied to clients by post or courier.

The HolisticVetOnline does not accept responsibility for any computer failure or website interruption / malfunction.

The HolisticVetOnline will contact you when your appointment is due. The cost of this call is included in your consultation fee. However, if there is a problem with the line, you will be provided with a telephone number to call the HolisticVetOnline. You will be responsible for the cost of that call.

Appointment times will be kept to as closely as possible. However, some consultations take longer than others and there may be times when the HolisticVetOnline is running several minutes late. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Your consultation will be with either Dr Wilson or another fully qualified holistic veterinarian when you make an appointment with HolisticVetOnline.

Fees may apply if The HolisticVetOnline consults with a specialist veterinarian for advice on an unfamiliar problem.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Page last edited: Sep 15th 2007

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