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The Holistic Veterinary Clinic was a purpose built facility. It was opened in Adelaide by Dr Douglas Wilson in 1998 and was the first veterinary clinic in Australia to incorporate the word 'holistic' into its name.

The Holistic Veterinary Clinic provided a high standard of professional animal health care, which incorporated the use of effective alternative and natural therapies. The clinic was specially designed to create a friendly, caring and healing environment that minimises stress to visiting patients. "Even the colour scheme was chosen to provide a calming effect" says Dr Wilson.

Facilities included

What is Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

The word Holistic is sometimes spelled 'wholistic' since holistic veterinarians concentrate on bringing health to the whole animal and not just part of it. This is in contrast to conventional medicine which considers disease affecting only one particular system or part of the body. For example, eczema is conventionally classified as a skin problem. However, the condition is often suppressed or does not resolve with conventional treatment since the cause of the problem is usually complex and involves factors that affect the whole animal.

Special Services


To treat acute (sudden) problems as well as long term problems, including those that do not respond to conventional treatment. Telephone consultations are available for rural and interstate clients.


Routine desexing, dentistry and all other surgical procedures are performed in the fully equipped surgical suite.

Homeopathic and herbal preparations are given to help overcome the effects of anaesthetic agents and surgical trauma.

Preventative Health Care Programs

These are tailored to suit you and your pet's lifestyle. Bring your new puppy, kitten or older pet for a health check and individualised 'Wellness Program'.

Alternative and conventional treatments are available for flea control, worm treatment and heartworm prevention.


The pros and cons are discussed so that clients can make an informed choice about whether to vaccinate or follow an alternative procedure.


Natural healthy diets are formulated for the young and old, as well as for animals with specific health problems.

Behavioural problems

These often respond well to holistic treatment.

Geriatric Care

Including special diets and massage for the elderly. Laboratory evaluation of body function is also available.


Great care is taken to ensure that your pet will pass away peacefully. Arrangements can be made for burial or cremation.


Available for owners of pets with serious or terminal conditions. Grief counselling is also available.

Cat Boarding

Including non-vaccinated cats if in good health or under treatment

Therapies provided at The Holistic Veterinary Clinic included

"Many patients come to The Holistic Veterinary Clinic because they are suffering from the undesirable side effects produced by conventional veterinary treatment" says Dr Wilson. "It is often possible to reduce or eliminate these side effects by using alternative therapies".

"A well balanced healthy diet is really important for cats and dogs" says Dr Wilson. Advice is available on special diets for specific age and health related problems.


Dr Wilson's Biography

Dr Douglas Wilson BVM&S PhD VetMFHom MACVSc CertIAVH is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience. He has worked in the USA, UK, Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand.

He recognises that there are limitations to conventional veterinary treatment and now uses a holistic approach to animal health care.

Dr Wilson is experienced in treating dogs and cats, horses, farm animals and other animals.

more biography

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