Treating Horses

Homeopathic, herbal and holistic alternative treatment for arthritis lameness, laminitis, founder, bleeders, and other diseases in dressage, showjumpers, eventers, track, stock, pleasure, stud and all breeds of horses and ponies.

Dr Wilson has a passion for horses and has ridden for most of his life. His experience ranges from the treatment of race and performance horses (initially at Cornell University, USA) to stud work (see more biography). The HolisticVetOnline has a wide variety of equine patients. These include dressage, showjumpers, eventers, track, stock, pleasure and stud animals.

Dr Wilson lectures to various groups of horse owners and trainers on the use of holistic horse care. "One of the advantages of using natural and alternative therapies is that they do not interfere with normal body functions. They are not classified as banned substances by the equine authorities and are not swabable" says Dr Wilson.

What type of problems can be treated using the Holistic approach?

Almost everything. Acute problems with a lot of inflammation can respond very quickly. This includes colic, diarrhoea, lameness, bruising, injuries, wounds and trauma (both physical and emotional).

Many chronic problems which do not respond to conventional drugs do well with holistic treatment. This includes:

  • Allergies
  • Respiratory problems (bleeders, COPD, pneumonia, etc)
  • Skin problems
  • Arthritis and Lameness (including laminitis)
  • Digestive disorders (chronic diarrhoea, colitis, chronic colic, etc)
  • Immune disorders
  • Infertility
  • Ophthalmic conditions
  • Behavioural problems
  • and many other conditions

The Holistic approach can also be helpful in controlling the growth of tumors and cancer.

Would you like to book a consultation with the HolisticVetOnline?

Please click on the appointment diary to see what times are available. Then follow the directions in How to make an appointment.

Prevention is better than Cure!

The HolisticVetOnline believes that every horse should be on a preventative health care program. This is important for back yard ponies as well as studs, stables, ranches and performance horses.

"Preventative health care is important for all stages of life" says the HolisticVetOnline "... especially for the very young and the very old." Horses that have been on a good health care program since they were young will have a better chance of living a good and healthy life. Consequently, all individual horses and bigger enterprises should be on a 'Wellness Program' that is designed by an experienced holistic veterinarian. You can book an appointment with the HolisticVetOnline if there is no holistic veterinarian in your area.

Similarly, older patients have their own special problems that come with age. Many of these problems can be reduced or prevented by following a good Wellness Program. So please make an appointment with the HolisticVetOnline to discuss your animal's specific healthcare requirements or make an appointment with your local holistic veterinarian.

Treating other Animals

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