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Natural therapies for dogs, cats and other pets to treat eczema, allergies, immune, autoimmune, skin, kidney, spleen, liver, bowel, lymphatic and other types of diseases including diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, thyroid, Cushings, adrenal and cancer or tumors.

Dr Wilson’s retiral

Dear clients, friends and patients,

I am letting you know that I have now retired after almost 40 years in veterinary practice.

Consequently, I am no longer accepting any new clients or patients.

I thank you for entrusting me with the health and care of your animals and wish you all the best ( … and good diets !!! ) for the future.

I will update this website if I find someone suitable to take it over. ... so please check back later.

Other holistic veterinarians can be found on

Best wishes,

Dr Douglas Wilson

Making an appointment is a simple process.

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions
  2. Register or Log On
  3. Complete the Client Details form
  4. Select an Appointment Time that suits you
  5. Complete the Patient Details form
  6. Pay for your appointment booking

Please note that the payment which you make to book your appointment is non-refundable.

What happens next?

An email will be sent to your email address to confirm your appointment time.

The HolisticVetOnline will contact you by telephone or VoIP (depending on the preference you made in the Client Record form) at that time. (Use webcam if available)

Please be available at your telephone (or computer) at that time!

Although the HolisticVetOnline makes every attempt to keep to appointment times, please be patient if he has been delayed by a previous appointment.


If you have a webcam connected to your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) program, you can use this to allow the HolisticVetOnline to look at your patient (or you) during the consultation. (Use the software's built in webcam features for this - see your program's instructions for setting this up).

Emergency Consultation

The HolisticVetOnline is not usually able to respond to emergencies. If you are unable to wait until the next available appointment time on the Appointment Calender, please call the HolsiticVetOnline from your phone using the international code from your country followed by 61 417 525 131.

The HolisticVetOnline will try to arrange an earlier appointment for you if possible. This will be charged at double the normal rate.

It is important that you complete the Client Details and the Patient Details BEFORE you call the HolisticVetOnline.

Page last edited: Apr 20th 2018

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