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Alternative holistic treatment including homeopathy for mastitis, ketosis,milk fever, infertility, pneumonia, lameness and other diseases in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and other organic and biodynamic farm animals.

Dr Wilson is the son of a dairy farmer and has worked with farm animals all his life. He obtained his first experience in farm animal medicine and surgery at Cornell University, USA. His interest in reproduction and fertility resulted in a PhD from the University of Glasgow, and he has developed herd health programs for cattle, sheep and goats in Europe and Australia.

He worked as a Senior Research Scientist with industry funded projects and speaks at international Organic Conferences (see more biography).

Many of his farm clients have organic or bio-dynamic herds and flocks.

Prevention is better than cure

The HolisticVetOnline believes in the importance of herd and flock health programs. "Good management is the secret behind all successful farm enterprises" says the HolisticVetOnline. Every livestock farmer should have an effective parasite control system in place. Clear strategies are also important to minimise the incidence of mastitis and other herd health problems such as ketosis, milk fever and infertility.

What type of problems can be treated using the Holistic approach?

Almost everything. Acute problems with a lot of inflammation can respond very quickly. This includes mastitis, diarrhea, lameness, bruising, injuries, wounds and trauma (both physical and emotional) as well as bloat, ketosis, milk fever and other metabolic conditions.

Many chronic problems which do not respond to conventional drugs do well with holistic treatment. This includes:

  • Allergies
  • Photosensitisation
  • Respiratory problems (pneumonia, etc)
  • Skin problems (including ringworm, warts, etc)
  • Arthritis and Lameness (including laminitis)
  • Digestive disorders (bloat, ketosis, displaced abdomen, chronic diarrhea, etc)
  • Immune problems
  • Infertility
  • Ophthalmic problems (pink eye, etc)
  • Lambing and Calving problems (ringwomb, uterine inertia, etc)
  • Mastitis
  • and other conditions


The Holistic approach can also be helpful in controlling the growth of tumors and cancer.

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Treating other Animals

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