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The first week of your puppy’s life is very stressful (a new home, no mother or litter mates, confined in a pet shop, different food, etc) so it is important to keep other changes to a minimum

·        Place a few drops of Rescue Remedy (available from Health Stores) in your puppy’s drinking water to help with the stress.

·        Restrict handling - let your puppy have plenty rest and sleep periods.  Children should sit down before holding the pup and use two hands – one below the chest and the other supporting the rear end.

·        Follow the diet recommended by the pet shop/breeder for the first few days until making an appointment a Holistic Veterinary Practitioner.

·        Seek veterinary attention immediately if any signs of illness occur.


House Training

This involves repeated trips to the garden and lots of praise when (s)he gets it right. If you catch your pup ‘in the act’ inside the house, then give a stern “No!” and take him/her outside immediately. Your pup may want to go to the toilet:

·        On waking up and last thing at night

·        After eating

·        After playing

·        At any other time when you feel your pup may be looking for a place to go to the toilet

You should always take your pup outside during the night since (s)he will be unable to ‘hold on’ overnight.  You may also need to lay several sheets of paper on the floor for any night time ‘accident’. Gradually move the paper each night towards the outside door to encourage him/her to go to the door when (s)he needs out.

Feeding Your Puppy

Start to introduce small amounts of diverse fresh foods so your pup becomes used to new tastes. A client Information Sheet on feeding is available from The Holistic Veterinary Clinic.  Other Holistic Vets will be happy to discuss the implementation of a healthy natural diet for your pup. You may also want to read one of the books listed below. Remember to give a raw meaty bone several times a week so that your pup gets used to the idea of chewing bones.

Puppy Behaviour

Socialisation with other dogs and people is very important. Remember that your pup is still susceptible to disease even if it is vaccinated so it is preferable to visit friends with healthy dogs and avoid public parks etc. If there is a problem with antisocial behaviour or biting, make an appointment with a Holistic Veterinarian to discuss methods of dealing with this. Puppy Socialisation Classes are available from 8 weeks of age and Dog Obedience Classes from 6 months of age. Contact your Local Council for details.

Grooming and Flea Treatment

If you have a long haired pup, take him/her to the groomer at an early age so that (s)he becomes used to the noise, nail clipping and hair removal.  Ask the groomer which tools to use at home and use them regularly.  Bathing with a gentle vegetable oil based shampoo can be carried out if necessary but avoid over bathing.  Your Holistic Vet will be able to give advice on suitable forms of flea treatment.


Desexing is usually performed sometime after 6 months of age. Discuss the advantages / disadvantages of desexing during the first appointment with your Holistic Vet.

Vaccination and Worming

Various options are available. Your Holistic vet will be able to discuss the use of nosodes as an option to conventional vaccination.  Alternatively, you should read the article elsewhere in this site.

Nametag and Microchip

It is a good idea to attach a nametag to your puppy’s collar with your address and telephone number on it. You could also include your vet’s telephone number on the collar in case of emergency.  The collar and tag should be worn at all times since many pets accidentally escape from the garden.  Microchips can be placed under the skin for 24hour identification.  These can be implanted without causing any pain at the time of desexing.


Sunscreen for dogs and other animals is available at veterinary clinics. This should be applied regularly to the ears and the bridge of the nose if these areas are white or light coloured.  This will help prevent the subsequent development of sun induced cancer.  Make it a rule to apply the sunscreen before your puppy is allowed outside in summer and in sunny weather. Remember to reapply often during the day.

Suggested reading

There are several good books which give helpful advice on the natural health care and feeding of puppies and dogs.  Check these out at your local bookstore.

I hope you find this information helpful and I wish you a long and happy friendship with your new puppy.

Dr Douglas Wilson BVM&S PhD VetMFHom MACVSc

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Natural alternative treatment for your dog, cat and other animals

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