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Dr Wilson’s retiral

Dear clients, friends and patients,

I am letting you know that I have now retired after almost 40 years in veterinary practice.

Consequently, I am no longer accepting any appointments.

I thank you for entrusting me with the health and care of your animals and wish you all the best ( … and good diets !!! ) for the future.

I will update this website if I find someone suitable to take it over. ... so please check back later.

Other holistic veterinarians can be found on


Best wishes,

Dr Douglas Wilson

Holistic Veterinarian On-line

Welcome to the homepage of Holistic Vet Online. Our aim is to help provide Holistic Veterinary care throughout the world to clients and animals that do not have a local Holistic veterinarian.

Dr Douglas Wilson uses alternative holistic veterinary therapies for dogs, cats, and other animals, using natural pet food and homeopathic treatments

Our service is easy to use. You simply book a consultation on-line using the appointment diary and fill in the client and patient information forms. The Holistic Vet Online will contact you by telephone (or VoIP*) when your appointment is due. You will be speaking straight to the Holistic Vet Online.

*VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol (eg Skype, FaceTime) that can be used to speak over the internet (instead of the telephone) and can be used with a webcam.

Any supplies will be shipped to you by airmail after the consultation.

Holistic Vet Online also welcomes referrals from other veterinarians.

What is Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

The word Holistic is sometimes spelled "wholistic" since holistic veterinarians concentrate on bringing health to the whole animal and not just part of it. This is in contrast to conventional medicine which considers disease affecting only one particular system or part of the body. For example, eczema is conventionally classified as a skin problem. However, the condition is often suppressed or does not resolve with conventional treatment since the cause of the problem is usually complex and involves factors that affect the whole animal.

The Holistic Vet Online website is the idea of Dr Douglas Wilson BVM&S PhD MANZCVS VetMFHom CertIAVH.

Dr Wilson is a veterinarian with over 35 years of experience. He has worked in the USA, UK, Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand.

He recognizes that there are limitations to conventional veterinary treatment and now uses a holistic approach to animal health care.

Dr Wilson is experienced in treating dogs and cats, horses, farm animals and other animals.

More Biography

For more biography, see the more biography page.
Dr Wilson established The Holistic Veterinary Clinic.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions before making an appointment.


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